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Tim Mascarenas

Tim is truly one of my favorite Inspectors with the Firm. He is so incredibly dependable, thorough and of true value for my Clients and I when reviewing the inspection report, helping us navigate it and a consummate professional. He’s extremely valued and appreciated.


Jody Caroll

Jody Caroll

Jody who was incredible - My Clients live in Arizona and were unable to attend. So, I did for the most part and also, at the end when Jody was able to go over the findings. If not for Jody being able to translate all the verbiage and provide his professional opinion on a number of items, I do not know what I would have done. This also was immensely helpful in talking with my Clients and formatting the Due Diligence response. Plus, Jody is so cordial and professional. Just a great guy overall and he was so appreciated ~ Thank you so much, Cynthia

Chris Williams

Chris was a pleasure to work with! He was very kind and patient with my clients, and he did a great job answering all of their questions and explaining everything that was on the report. I will definitely be requesting to work with him again in the future!
Kim Myers
Keller Williams University City

Scott Walker

I'd rate Scott as Excellent across all questions. We've only had one inspection done before, but this experience blew that one out of the water. Very thorough. I will definitely recommend your service to others!

Amy Latzke

Gary Walker

Gary was friendly and very knowledgeable. Excellent to work with.
Dan Brandon

Rudy Chavarie

Have requested Rudy specifically and will continue to dp so.

Thank You!

Todd Mosley

5s across the board. Todd did a fantastic job and took extra time to explain many different things to me. He was always patient and detail oriented. I don't regret a penny I spent. He should be commended for his work.
Mike Calcara

Mike Turpin

Mike did a good job.
Thank you
Jan Carlson

Bill Dunn

Bill was amazingly thorough. Very impressed with his knowledge, his willingness to answer questions and his thoroughness. In all the houses and states I've been in when buying them, I've never had such thoroughness or such an excellent, supported report.