One Year Builder's Warranty Inspection

Your home is almost a year old! Before your 12-month builder's warranty expires have your home inspected for any construction defects or items that may not be functioning properly, or any other issues that may be covered by the builder's warranty“. You don’t need an inspection. It’s a new house and everything is under warranty” This maybe something you here from a builder or one of the builders representatives.

You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff we have found on “new” homes in Charlotte including waste lines that weren’t even connected. Your Builder's Warranty covers a great many items and systems in your home which may not have been installed properly, or without proper preventative maintenance measures taken. Negligence such as this is the cause for most of the problems a home will develop in its life. If you have purchased a new home within the last year and are concerned about current or potential problems with your home, you need a builder warranty inspection by Home Inspection Carolina.

You should not expect a builder to rush out immediately for a problem such as a nail pop in your drywall. Such problems occur because of the natural settling of the house and are best addressed in one visit near the end of the first year. Typical problems found in homes are: pipes that are not connected properly damaged or improperly installed, exterior siding, hot and cold reversed, and windows, improperly grounded electrical outlets and plumbing leaks, installed roof shingles and flashing. Most builders are responsive to defects that are located during inspection. It is recommended that you provide your Builder with a copy of the inspection report.

Home Inspection Carolina will often reveal items in need of repair that could have gone undetected for years. Protect your investment and call us today to schedule an inspection. Our inspectors will take a few hours to thoroughly inspect your home and provide you with a computerized narrative report within 24 hours by email in PDF format. You should not be paying for items that were not constructed or installed properly the first time.

Time is running out. Once the anniversary of your closing date has passed, your builder may not have the responsibility to correct many of the items that may be found. Call our office today to get one of our licensed inspectors out to protect your investment.