Tim Mascarenas

Licensed Home Inspector

Our inspectors have been learning and focusing on preforming inspections for years. They are all enthralled with construction and how things are constructed. Our inspectors are not just inspectors but more like investigators. It’s not enough to just identify the problem or defect. Our inspectors love to try and determine the source of the problem to help you make an educated decision when purchasing your home!.


"What People Are Saying about Tim"

"Tim is truly one of my favorite Inspectors with the Firm. He is so incredibly dependable, thorough and of true value for my Clients and I when reviewing the inspection report, helping us navigate it and a consummate professional. He’s extremely valued and appreciated."

All questions answered to your satisfaction: "Incredibly so. This is was I truly value about Tim, he is incredibly thorough and incredibly helpful to myself and my Clients – Always."

Cynthia Fitzpatrick Scheible

"Tim did a great job and took extra time to work with my client who was there the whole time."

Best regards,
Bob Bunzey

"Everything was great I was very satisfied with the inspection."

Eric Brown

"Excellent experience. Tim was great to work with!!"

Jon McCord

"I really appreciated Tim's knowledge but at the same time being willing to take the time to explain things we didn't understand. I also appreciated that he went over the major items with us before he left and that he said he is available to answer any questions that come up."

Josclyn Reed

Contact Information

Email : tim@hicarolina.com

Website : homeinspectioncarolina.com

Phone :(704) 401-7108