Ryan Pigg

Licensed Home Inspector

Timothy (Ryan) Pigg, my interest in home inspection peaked from the personal interest I have in residential home maintenance and repair. Finding the need to constantly update my own repairs in my home, I became interested in helping homeowners identify discrepancies in their homes that could lead to major financial obligations if left unattended. Deterioration of constructional materials, natural occurrences that can happen due to environmental or man made hazards can and will happen if not maintained adequately.

I am obligated in keeping my clients aware of all issues, no matter how large or small, to ensure they have the professional information to make rational and conscience decisions in order to avoid additional expenses outside the normal maintenance of a home. Finding the smallest issue or those issues that cannot be detected by a non-professional is my passion and obligation to my client. As a graduate of University of North Carolina at Charlotte in Meteorology, I found understanding the environmental changes in weather as it relates to the change in climate in the Charlotte area, as well as, the cross referenced courses in engineering was of utmost importance when providing a comprehensive evaluation of the home foundations.

Im a lawn and landscape enthusiast; therefore, helping my client provide a more comprehensive review of their property is also important. My passion is helping my client protect their most valuable asset, their home.


"What People Are Saying about Ryan"

"Ryan is excellent. This is the sixth home I have purchased in Charlotte (rental and primary) and this is the best inspector I have come across. I will use you again and highly recommend your services."

"Please let me know if I can ever be a reference for your business."

Melissa Swanson

"I would like to comment - that I thought our inspector Ryan Pigg - did an EXCELLENT job - I told him that I hope we work together in the future. Very thorough and informative! Great guy."

Thanks again!

Brian Hosey
HM Properties

Contact Information

Email : ryan@hicarolina.com

Website : homeinspectioncarolina.com

Phone :(704) 778-1965