Jody Carroll

Licensed Home Inspector

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to figure out how things work and the best way to fix them. Rather than pay a handyman to come to the house, I did it myself. I also have always had a strong desire to help people and do what I can to make sure they're treated fairly.
Becoming a Licensed Home Inspector was the best career move I ever made. It's a perfect fit for my (detail-oriented) personality. What I love most about being a home inspector is being in a different "office" every day and giving people the tools and information they need to comfortably make one of the biggest investment decisions they'll ever make.
When I'm not inspecting homes I like to spend time with my wife, son and dog - especially camping in our pop-up camper and enjoying good food and music.


"What People Are Saying about Jody"

"Great job. In fact you've done outstanding work. If I had not had this inspection done through you I would not have found these discrepancies and I would have blindly purchased this home which would have been a financial burden on me. I would definitely recommend your companies services to others and will use them again when I've found my next house of interest."

Thank you!
Orlando Williams

"I was happy with the report. It seemed very thorough. The additional pictures supplied were a nice touch. I am out of town and was unable to attend and my real estate broker, Scott Russo, attended the inspection for us. We have submitted the recommended items to the seller for consideration for repair.

I would be happy to refer you in the future."

Thank you,

"Everything was great - very courteous and professional inspector and let me tag along while he was doing it so that I could see everything he pointed out first hand."

Erin Geagon

"Hi, Meg and Preston. I am really sorry for my delay especially with acknowledging Jody who was incredible - My Clients live in Arizona and were unable to attend. So, I did for the most part and also, at the end when Jody was able to go over the findings. If not for Jody being able to translate all the verbiage and provide his professional opinion on a number of items, I do not know what I would have done. This also was immensely helpful in talking with my Clients and formatting the Due Diligence response. Plus, Jody is so cordial and professional. Just a great guy overall and he was so appreciated!"

~ Thank you so much,

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