Dek Nance HVAC Inspection

Dek Nance

Licensed Home Inspector

Dek worked with a local Engineering firm for over 10 years. He specialized in foundations, soil mechanics, concrete, other construction materials, and many different structural inspections. Very knowledgeable in the many different systems of a home and their intended functions. He was mentored and educated by one of the most knowledgeable and well respected home inspectors in the State!

His goal is to make this process as informative as possible without “scaring” you with the conclusion. If you don’t know the first thing about how a particular system in the home works, it will be explained in a way you can understand. Dek treats every home inspection as if he was purchasing the home for his own family…very thorough!


"What People Are Saying about Dek"

"Dek was great! My client was very happy with the information he provided an the manner in which he presented it."

Dan Ryan

"Great job. Dek was very friendly and answered all our questions. He provided the report promptly to us and we were able to give to our builder easily within the builders 24 hour requirement. I would definitely use you all again."

Lisa S. Few

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